August’s Goals

Each month I like to set goals for myself. Not just ones that I will set and ignore like I do so many other things but 3 things that I really want help improving on and will ernestly work on over the next month. They say that something once done 21 days in a row will become a habit. What if you used that and did it for 28-31 days in a row?

  1. Stay on Budget- I have never been a really great budgeter. I tend to keep it all in my head and honestly screw up a lot. So this month I am sitting down at the beginning of each week and am doing a weekly budget. Tracking what I am spending by writing it down and holding myself accountable.
  2. Daily Self Development-¬†It’s amazing the difference in how intentional I am with my actions each day when I do some sort of self development. When I take a few minutes to either watch or listen to a video or read something that speaks to me about how I am feeling that day it can literally turn my attitude around. This is the time for me to take for msyelf.
  3. Use My Planner-¬†How good I am at using my planner literally changes every day. Sometimes I am great at writing down what I want to get done each day and what I have to do each day but you know what? There are far too many days where I don’t write anything down and you know how much actually get’s done? Not much…


Make a plan, set your own goals for becoming the person that you want to be. What are your goals?


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