Why Magnetra

Today I had someone ask me something I hadn’t really thought to explain because it’s such a big part of who I am. Why Magnetra? It’s my blog name, facebook URL, in my Instagram and Youtube account names. It’s kind of a nerdy beginning story from when I was a kid.

I was a HUGE Harry Potter fan as well as a X-Men fan growing up. As a kid I would get together with my aunt and uncle (both who are my age) and my cousins and we would pretend like we were superhero’s, mutants and wizards. We seriously went to all of the Harry Potter book releases dressed up with notepads asking for autographs from the other dressed up kids and adults. We would watch all of the movies over and over again and have nights where we would drink butter beer and eat chocolate frogs while daring each other to eat bernie botts every flavored beans.

During the day we would go out on the trampoline and pretend like we were mutants fighting and flying. Jump from couch to couch attacking each other and using my grandpa’s work out equipment to prep ourselves for our next battle. Anything with fantasy we loved. Over time we created our own characters and back stories. My grandparents had 15 kids so there were never enough actual written characters to cover all of us kids. I decided that my dad was Magneto and my mom was a witch from Harry Potter. I had the best of both worlds. I could read minds, heal people, do any magic I wanted… I was incredible! Hence the name Magnetra was formed.

Among my family I always had nick names. James or James Blonde was the most common when I was younger but Magnetra was my name. It was what I picked and when I was her I was strong. Nothing could stop me. As an adult I use it as my reminder of what I can be. To always keep my imagination and to keep dreaming. I guess you can say that Magnetra is my Sasha Fierce.





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