Learn to Dance in Your Storm

dancing in the rain


I absolutely adore this quote. My husbands grandparents gave me a plaque with this quote on it telling me that when they saw it they just thought of me. Life in my past has beat me down… hard. Often times because of my own mistakes. I wanted to share an example of someone in my life who has chosen to “dance in the rain” instead of waiting, afterall while waiting you only think you are standing still but instead are moving backwards.

I have one of the most incredible mothers. I know, most people think so but I really do! Her name is Rebecca and she is the 4th to oldest of 15 kids. She is one of the strongest women that I know. One of my earliest memories is of her going to have a spinal tumor worked on. It was a rare and unusual surgery that made medical history. When I was in middle school my mom ran an in home daycare. I came home from school one day to find one of the parents on the phone with 911 because my mom was laying on the floor paralyzed with a baby crawling over her. It was a brain tumor.

That moment changedng for us. After testing it was discovered that my mom has neurofibromatosis 2. A disease where she is missing the chromosome that tells her body to stop growing so when she reached her full height she started growing tumors all over her body. Since then we have done many surgeries on her to the point where they know that she has a higher risk of dying from surgery than from not having it. Even though her body has deteriorated over time she has been given a gift to help people in a way that if she wasn’t forced to slow down.

She has been able to be a huge help to people online as a specialist about sewing and sewing machines. She struggles with being able to get everything done every day but she is still an amazing wife, mother and sister. In fact one of her brother’s is the sweetest man alive but his brain is healing from the damage of grand mal seizures for most of his life. Because of the state that my mom is in he was able to move in with my family and has been able to learn about how to have a sense of humor and how to interact in a regular setting. For years people viewed him as different and were just too impatient but my mom was able to recognize the exact thing that she felt in him and was able to help.

If someone is able to take a terminal illness that has completely stopped her regular way of life and turn it into what she has don’t you think that what life is throwing at you you can find the good in it? Can you be willing to step back and instead of looking at the individual rain drops or that specific storm look at what is coming with the storm. Trust that there is something coming in this storm that you need.


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