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20 Fall Bucket List Ideas


Summer has been great but you know what? It’s not my favorite season! It may have a bit to do with the fact that I live in the south and it’s hot and humid but to sum up my complaints, I hate summer. Yes I am one of those people. I’m sorry. On the other hand though I adore fall and winter! Even spring has a place but fall and winter hold a special spot in my heart. Things get colder which means beautiful colors, warm drinks and seasonal movies.

Plus it seems that fall is when my husband and I start to venture out again. (Did I mention that I hate the humid heat?) My husband really isn’t the most social of people so some things that I enjoy for fall are date ideas and other are more for just myself or for a girls night. These are things that I am planning on doing over the next few months. Hello fall bucket list!!!

  1. Hike with the changing leaves
  2. Take a drive and explore new local businesses. fall-picnic
  3. Do a picnic! When we think of picnics we tend to think of summer but picture this… sandwiches on rye, pumpkin pie, apple cider… all on a plaid flannel blanket under red, yellow and orange trees.
  4. Bonfires area another that tends to be thought of for summer but I love for doing it for fall!
  5. Ugly fall sweater hunt. Everyone does the ugly Christmas sweater hunt but how much fun would it be to do one with ugly fall sweaters. This is one that I love to do alone even. Take pictures and post on social media. Maybe even have people vote for their favorite ugly sweater!
  6. Attend a fall festival. These are everywhere! Applefest is one of my favorites around me in North Carolina. Most areas have Octoberfest as well. Great free fun for the whole family!
  7. Groupon a local restaurant and try their fall specials. Most non-chain restaurants have specials like pumpkin ravioli or pumpkin spice cupcakes or pancakes. Groupon is a great place to find new places and get a great discount                           ziplining
  8. Ever wanted to try zip-lining? This really would be the perfect time to try it out! Imagine the view as you were going down the line!
  9. Leaf pile fights. I know… this means raking your yard twice but how much fun would this be with the family!? Maybe boys verses girls or parents verses kids. It would be a memory that no one will forget
  10. Do a family photo swap. How many times have we thought that we really need to do some family photos but just didn’t want to spend the money on it? Find a friend and have both families go together. Take turns taking photos of each other. Pinterest has lots of great ideas and suggestions on how to take photos so why not give it a try! Maybe even use them for your Christmas photos too!
  11. Pumpkin bake off. This would be fun with friends, your kids or even a date night. Have everyone make up some recipe using pumpkin and try it out. I will even offer to be a judge for those who live close enough. 😉
  12. Corn mazes and hay rides. Yes I know that these are so generic but really there are very few other things that really feel like fall more than a corn maze and hay ride. carving
  13. Do a pumpkin carving party. I love to carve pumpkins but not alone. Invite a few friends over and do potluck!
  14. Do a 30 day thankful challenge. Why not take a few seconds every day to help self develop yourself and take note of things that you are truly grateful for. So often we forget to actually look for the good things that happen in our day but if we are being intentional it will make the season so much more cheery!
  15. Read a favorite book or watch a favorite movie with piles of pillows and blankets. Now why does this fit on my fall list? Think about it… piles of blankets and pillows, light some seasonal candles, drink apple cider and fall treats. Make this extra special. Need some ideas for fall things to watch a read? Don’t worry, I will share a link for a post with my top favorites! farmers-market
  16. Hit up the local farmers market. It is a completely different place in fall than it is from summer and honestly it just gets better! Plus maybe it’s just me but every fruit and veggie seems to taste better to me straight from the farm than from the store.
  17. Do a fall scavenger hunt. Again pinterest has so many great ideas for this! Things like acorns and specific colored leaves are great! Even better do it as a photo scavenger hunt!
  18. Decorate for fall. This is one of those things that can be 2 birds with one stone. For instance I will put my battery operated string  lights in my lanterns with pumpkins for fall and I swap them out for ornaments for winter. I go ahead and put up some of my Christmas lights because they give off such a sweet glow which reflect perfectly off of the red, gold and orange decor for fall! ghost
  19. Do a local ghost tour. So often we get so caught up in the craziness of halloween that we forget that most local areas have awesome local ghost tours!
  20. Do game night. Yep! I know that it seems so generic but I LOVE family game night and many games can be for just 2 people if needed. Who doesn’t love a good night cuddled up in cozy clothes around a table with awesome snacks while competing with those that you love most?


Starting to see why I LOVE fall so much?! What is on your list for fall activities this year?


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