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Unexpected Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

I don’t know about you but I have the hardest time with getting gifts for the men in my life. They all tend to get what they want as soon as they realize that they want it and I have to get creative to actually find something that they like but didn’t think of themselves. At least with us women it’s easy, I for example am just fine with generic gifts. Flowers, jewelry, chocolate…. But a guy really is a bit more complicated.

My husband is a bit of a nerd and loves games and books. One of our favorite games is called Munchkin . Think of a mockery of dungeons and dragons. It’s a simple card game but instead of fighting dragons and wizards you may be fighting a potted plant while wearing leather lingerie armor, a chicken on your head, have a 10 foot pole as your weapon and oh… did I mention that you were cursed with a gender change? Even better this game just keeps on giving because there are expansions for it so for many gift giving holidays ahead you’ve already got one covered!


My dad is the handyman who already has everything. Literally everything, twice! So what do you get the guy who has all of the tools that he could want? How about a magnetic wrist band? Now hear me out… I know it sounds strange but think about how often you see that handyman with nails sticking out of their mouth and them fumbling around for that drill bit? This is so handy because it holds those right on the wrist so that it’s easy to grab while still holding things. Kind of genius!


How about the runner in your life or the student that you just don’t know what to get them? How about a wireless bluetooth hat ? How cool is this?! I don’t even spend time outdoors and I want one of these. They come in all sorts of styles and really would be great for men or women. It’s unique and one of those things that I’m sure they’ve thought that they wished someone had invented it and just didn’t know that it’s available!


I think I have a few who might be getting this for Christmas this year as well. It’s a can opener, butterfly wrench, saw, flat screwdriver, beer bottle opener, 4 position wrench for various nuts and bolts and so much more. Plus it fits inside your card section of your wallet. Basically the modern day pocket knife. Guardman 11 in 1 Beer Opener Survival Card Tool is a mouthful but is one of the coolest new tools that they didn’t know they needed or wanted until now.


What about the literate in your family who loves to read fantasy novels and series but they have read everything they can get their hands on? Stone Man is the first book in the Exile series by J M Beevers and is a fantastic read for both men and women and honestly for kids of all ages. J M Beevers is a fairly unknown author who’s second book in the series came out in September 2016 and is working on their third book. It’s a very unexpected story that you can’t wait to find out what happens next. I promise that this book will be a hit and it’s not on their shelves yet!


Whoever said that you could have too much bacon is just kidding himself. The most cliche gift is a gift basket, I know this but what if it came in a really manly tin bucket with the screwdriver to open it and was full of all sorts of bacony goodness? It’s a bacon bucket !!!! Bacon jerky, bacon taffy, bacon brittle, even bacon air freshener. If bacon isn’t their thing don’t worry, there is a beef bucket as well as a chocolate cigar gift basket and a handyman’s chocolate tool box . You can’t go wrong with this kind of awesomeness.


Admit it, we all know someone who we are pretty sure looks into the bug out kits. Someone who loves to camp and is sure that things are going to go crazy soon in our country and are stockpiling their gear to disappear when needed. Honestly this Camping Cookware Mess Kit would be really cool for just someone who loves to hike and camp! This little guy comes with a pot and lid, a pan as well as 2 bowls and silverware. Don’t forget the ladle, spatula, sponge and a cookbook as well as a few extras. A perfect tool for anyone no matter if they are into bug out items, camping, hiking or self reliance.


I promise you that most men as young boys always wanted a drone of some sort. Think about it! They could spy on each other and fly something around. How about a drone that has a first person camera on the controller so that you can see what the camera is seeing in time. Not only that but when it’s connected to your phone you can actually fly this with a smart phone! The HD camera will give them better video than they could have had growing up and think of all of the cool uses that you could do with it while they aren’t using it!


The image of a perfect day getting home from work for most men is a beer in their hand. Some don’t care what kind of beer but others like a good beer. Why not give them a chance to make their own? It’s simple and easy and a nice change of pace. If a homebrew craft beer making kit isn’t what you had in mind how about a mini keg dispenser ?


How about a smart gift that would be really cool for the whole family? The Echo Dot literally turns your home into a smart home. Cool right?! So what does it do? Not only will it play music from pandora or spotify but you can use it to control your lights, garage, sprinklers, control the thermostat be an alarm clock, an assistant in the kitchen with it’s speakers or how about order pizza from it or order an Uber! You literally would be able to voice control your entire home and you can currently buy 5 and get the 6th one free. Why am I having flashbacks of all sorts of into the future mishap movies?


Why go generic this year for Christmas? Try out something new and surprise them!


6 thoughts on “Unexpected Gift Ideas for the Man in Your Life

  1. Oh gosh, Munchkin is the best game!! We played it for ages and then upgraded and upgraded… You’ve got lots of awesome ideas in here! The Echo Dot sounds really awesome, makes me wish I had a house!

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