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9 Best Self Improvement Blogs


night.jpgAs a blogger I love to find other bloggers that really speak to me and share their words of wisdom. Some I’m sure you have heard of and some will pry seem like a bit of a surprise but I am someone that on different days I need to hear different things. All of these bloggers are ones that I follow and keep up on because they cut to the core with their honesty and inspire. We all could use a good pick me up sometimes.

1. Man Repeller is a fairly recent find for me but I can’t help but LOVE her! This is one that I know pry seems a bit out of the blue but her posts like How to Make Friends as Adults and 7 Ridiculous Things I’ve Done to Procrastinate were not only raw but had me laughing. Not many people can actually tell it how it is and have me feeling good about myself after but she has found that perfect balance!

2. The Every Girl is one of those blogs that not only inspires you but helps you really look at aspects of your life that you didn’t really think about. For example Why Getting to Know Your Neighbors is so Important and How to Make the Most of a Bad Boss  talk about not just being friendly and work but actually give some great advice on uncommonly talked about parts of both of these. These women tell it from their heart and really make you think.

3. Jamie Varon is a writer that I tend to go to when I need something to really relate to and give me a good kick in the butt. To Anyone Who Has Lost Themselves and The Things People Don’t Tell You About Adulthood  both were big aha moments for me. We are expected to be one person. To fit inside that box that is expected life and I love that she busts out of it and laughs in it’s face.

4. Nerd Fitness is one that I’ve followed for several years now. It’s not necessarily a blog but instead is a fun fitness and self help website that I adore!! I will admit it here, I am a NERD. Yes sir (maam?) it’s true. What’s so great about this website is that it not only has great content and work outs but it truly put it in a way that people like me will get into. For example you create your own charactor to level up like a video game based on you efforts in your fitness. Yes I just said efforts.  Working out still seem intimidating? Check out A Nerds Guide to Anxiety and Motivating, You’re Doing it Wrong and I think that you or at least your hubby might fall in love with it too!

5. The Inspiration Lady is seriously just that, she is so incredibly inspirational. Literally everything on her blog is so inspiring and fun and helpful. Tips to Improve your Self Discipline and 8 Things to do on Sunday for an Easier Week both are blog posts that I actually used this week. Yes you read that right, I personally used those blog posts!

6. Thirteen Thoughts is one of those blogs that I have stumbled on over and over again for a long time now on Pinterest and I have loved everything that she has put out. 50 Ways to Practice Self Love and How to Beat Your Midday Slump both felt like they were written from my own soul. Between her tips, recipe’s photography and beauty this blog literally gives you a well rounded set of suggestions to really live the best life that you can!

7. Inspiration Indulgence is one of those blogs that’s written by someone who you wish was your best friend. Honestly it’s pry why the blog does so well! I love that all of the posts are written with a reminder of self love and to embrace who  you are and who you are becoming. She says what you wish your friends would be willing to say to you but you know that you wouldn’t really listen. Don’t believe me? Check out  Choosing to be Fearless and 25 Positive Affirmations to Say to Yourself in the Morning and see what I mean!

8. Classy Career Girl has been another blog that I have followed for a while. I’ve been a business owner for years now and you know what? It’s scary! It is so intimidating to look at your finances and know that it is 100% up to you to be able to cover those bills. I’ve always found some of the best comfort and guidance with not only how to be a better career woman but also how to figure out what I really want. Several of my favorites have been How to Determine Your Passion and Purpose as well as Four Temptations to Resist for a Better Work-Life Balance.

9. Alisa Nelson is one of the most interesting bloggers I’ve found. I love that she even says that her goal is to show women how to skip self-martyrdom and instead find true wellness. She not only talks about what needs fixed but gives actual action plans along with well thought out and detailed posts dealing with every day problems. Her blog is unique with posts like How to Turn Self Doubt into an Asset and The 5 Benefits of Self Awareness. This is a blog that I wish I found earlier!



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  1. Thank you so much for featuring us!! I am looking forward to checking out the rest of these bloggers!! And so glad you enjoyed the articles and have learned a lot from CCG! Let us know if we can ever help!


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