I Quit My MLM Business Because I Chose Me

Oh my these past few weeks have been interesting. For the past 2 years I have not only ran my house cleaning company full time but also was a leader for a MLM company. It was not a company that was a scam by any means. I loved the products and they had helped me a lot. I made money from it and always worked hard enough to make sure that each month I was in the positive financially from it.


I decided though to step down from my MLM business (multi level marketing for those who don’t know) and focus on my cleaning company, my family and go back to school. The timing was interesting though. Quite a few people from my team (over 20 so far) chose to switch to a different MLM and it has been interesting to watch. I fully support them and know that this is not because they were greedy and looking for a quick buck. Most of them have been with the same company for 1-6 years and several made tens of thousands of dollars a month with the company that they were in.

They just lost their passion for that particular company. I know personally I lost my passion when the main product that I loved was changed. It no longer helped me in the way that it did before and they added an ingredient that was actually against my religion to use. Yep! You can see why I lost my mojo for it.

It’s been interesting to watch though. They’ve been encouraged, torn down, called traitors, questioned and so much more because they were brave and chose themselves over loyalty. In any other business if someone quits because they feel like they could do better somewhere else or just want a different work environment they are given a pat on the back by their friends and family and told way to go!

It’s not like they were just trying out the MLM business model and decided that it wasn’t for them. They chose to do it for themselves instead. They know that it works and have made killer livings off of it. They are the proof that we aspire to!


I’ve watched them and have been given the same responses as them and attacked in the same way because of the timing. I CHOSE ME. I haven’t joined another MLM company, not because they don’t work but because it’s just not the passion that I have right now. You know what? They chose themselves as well! I would have no problem going back to it later but for now I love my blog. I love the people that I get to interact with on here. I actually use a lot of what I learned doing that type of business to give my blog a big boost.

So why this post? For those who have been involved in the change I just want to say way to go. If you have lost your passion and found something else that you love then I say go for it! Don’t be afraid of change because it might get worse. Embrace it because there is a good chance that it will get better! You can make your life into anything that you want. You just have to go for it and choose you.


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