Where Did My Holiday Cheer Go?


As I get older I feel almost like I lose my holiday cheer a little bit more each  year. I don’t know about you but I remember just how magical the holiday season was as a kid. The cookies, the fudge, the lights, the presents, the music and traditions. I’ve always loved all of it but the past few years it just hasn’t had the same sparkle. I almost have to force myself to put up my decorations and try to get into the spirit of things and every so often it feels close but never quite the same.

My husband teases me and tells me that I must just be becoming a Grinch. Considering that he has no care about the decorations and presents (thoroughly enjoys all of the goodies though!) I don’t have someone to really put forth the effort for. No kids to bring the magic of the holiday’s to or people coming over. In fact we are actually not going to even be home for the holidays.

Instead, this year I’m focusing on the spirit of the season. What it really is about. I’ve always loved the extra excuse to serve other people and give people things during this time of year. Picking out that perfect gift for someone (even better if I got it at a great deal!) or finding time to go spend an hour with someone who normally is left alone by everyone almost gives me a high.


My mom has been very sick most of my life and my family was incredibly poor. From a very early age I always took over taking care of my families Christmas gifts. I never cared if I got anything but I loved seeing their reactions. Even if it’s not received how I expected it to I still know that they know I was thinking about them.

Yes, I could be becoming a Grinch as my husband says but I think it’s more that I have been lacking in serving. I’ve not been taking advantage of what truly makes me happy. So this holiday season I plan on doing something each day of December until Christmas as an act of service to someone. Today is the first and I decided that I would have the house completely cleaned for the husband while he is at work. It’s not anything super big or fancy but who doesn’t like to come home to a place with no “honey-do” list?


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