Keto Gnocchi

Oh pasta. You are a 5 letter word of which anyone eating a ketogenic or low carb diet cringes at. Not because you’re something we don’t enjoy, but rather because you taste delicious and are just out of our reach…. until today!

I will admit, I am a pasta addict. I started eating a ketogenic diet for more than just weight loss. My liver has some problems, I was having headaches every day and was super sick and always tired. So I decided to take charge and make a change. I fully intend to stick to a ketogenic life and that means figuring out ways to make myself not be tempted to give in when I am craving some good old comfort food. Pasta was always my go to for comfort food.

Scrolling through Pinterest I kept seeing this one specific recipe for keto gnocchi. I have to admit I never made regular gnocchi from scratch because it was complicated and sounded like a lot of work. After what felt like the millionth time scrolling past I clicked just to see what it would entail. Ummm… 3 ingredients? That’s it?!!!! And it’s super simple too.

Now I’ve added a couple of extra ingredients and am also adding a sauce to top this off and add some extra fat and flavor but I promise if you are willing to take the 15 minutes (10 of those are the dough cooling down in the fridge) to make this you will not regret it.

Not overly familiar with what to use gnocchi in? Of course you can always use this and cut it to different shapes and sizes but it’s simple. Add it to soups (who doesn’t want to recreate the Olive Garden chicken and gnocchi soup and make it keto-fied?!) or put alfredo sauce or marinara sauce on top. How about a cheese sauce and make mac and cheese or you can always do a simple browned butter sauce like I am today!

Keto Gnocchi

1 1/3 cup mozzarella

2 egg yolks

2 teaspoons parmesan

1. Melt parmesan and mozzarella in microwave and mix with any seasonings.
2. Fold in egg yolks and mix completely
3. Place in fridge for 10 minutes
4. Bring a pot of water to a boil
5. Remove dough from fridge and place on an oiled silpat or parchment paper and oil hands as well in 3 pieces.
6. Roll out each dough ball into a strand around 12-15 inches long and it shaped kind of like a fat, long tootsie roll You can roll it out on the silpat or also in your hands.
7. Cut into 1 inch pieces and place in boiling water.
8. When they raise to the top you can either fry them in a pan to make the edges crispy, leave them plain or put them in a soup. Fried they aren’t quiet as pillowy as when they come out of the water as as they would be in a soup.



13 thoughts on “Keto Gnocchi

  1. I also adore pasta — well, I used to! Thanks for sharing this recipe, including the helpful photos, and showing how easy it is. I would not have thought to pan fry the gnocchi, but your suggestion makes perfect sense (just like the pan fried variety of perogies and dumplings).


    1. I wonder if maybe your my fitness pal was glitching or if your mozerella that you selected to input maybe had additives. (like a preshredded mozerella maybe) Or it could be putting in a whole egg instead of just the yolk. I just input the information again into myfitness pal and sparkpeople and still came back with it being .7


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