Keto Menu

Looking at starting keto or just in a food rut? It can feel overwhelming at first but with the right recipes it really is very simple. I’m someone who is guaranteed to not be in the mood for whatever I have planned for a meal so I tend to make a list of meals and pick from that each day instead. All recipes given here are keto friendly and ones I have personally tried and enjoyed.


Eggs- Pretty much any way you like them is keto friendly and cheese those babies up! If you want to try something different with your eggs give these yummy sandwiches a try. Egg Sandwiches

Pancakes- Missing your light, fluffy pancake deliciousness? I was too until I found these! *hint, but blanched almond flour. It doesn’t have the strong almond taste, isn’t gritty and is cheaper! Low Carb Pancakes

Biscuits- These are the only biscuits i touch now. My non keto husband lives these! Ever had Red Lobster’s cheddar biscuits? These fluffy biscuits are a pretty close competitor. As usual I also use blanched almond flour for these. They are amazing plain or with a sausage gravy on them as well. Keto Cheddar Biscuits

Hot Chocolate- Craving something sweet or just want a drink for breakfast? You can easily make keto hot chocolate! Add extracts to change the flavor and add home made whipped cream on top to make it feel special. Liquid stevia is one sweetener you can use for this. Personally I prefer pyure or swerve. You can use this same idea for tea or coffee as well. Keto Hot Chocolate


Lasagna in a bowl- Someday’s I’m craving the flavors of lasagna but am not in the mood or have time to make noodles. Hence lasagna in a bowl. Its easy to throw the ingredients into a to go container and heat up quickly in the microwave. Lasagna In A Bowl

Keto Bread- Want to keep it simple and just make a sandwich or have rolls to dip in some soup? This is the only bread recipe that I actually like. Most taste so strong of egg or are crazy dense. These taste like a good multi grain bread and are soft and fluffy like bread should be. Keto Bread Rolls

Bacon Cups- It is amazing what all you can do with a bacon cup. The options are endless but here are two ideas to get you started. BLT Bacon Cup

Curry Lime Bacon Cup

Bacon Wrapped Ranch Jalapenos- these are great for both an appetizer and for lunch. They are surprisingly filling and both reheat well and are great cold. Bacon Wrapped Ranch Jalapeno Poppers

Buffalo Chicken Dip- How often have you eaten this at a party and thought that you needed to be careful because it wasn’t healthy? You’re keto now so its perfect! High in fat, moderate protein and the only carbs are what you dip in it. Say hello to a delicious lunch. Buffalo Chicken Dip

Loaded Mashed Cauliflower- This has become my go to lazy meal. Walmart started carrying frozen mashed cauliflower that you just pop into the microwave. Just add what you want to it and its ready! To take to work you can premix it all together or just throw what you want added to it and mix it in at work. Loaded Mashed Cauliflower

Deviled Eggs- One of my favorite things to eat and a perfect keto meal! Don’t feel like portioning it out? Just chop it up and make egg salad. Deviled Eggs

Salad- You can always go with the classic lunch option of a salad. Lettuce, dressing, meat, cheese, veggies, nuts, hemp hearts…. mix and match so that you never get bored.

Keto Lemonade- There are very few things as refreshing as lemonade. Keto lemonade just has some extra electrolytes in it to help with keto flu or just help keep your salt intake up. Its simple and up to what you want. Just mix water, lemon juice, salt and an approved sweetener in proportions to your taste.

*Of course any dinner left overs always make a great lunch!


Tacos- Always a go to in my home and one of the easiest things to make keto friendly. I just buy regular tortillas and shells for my family and either but almond flour tortillas for myself or make cheese shells. A taco salad is always an option. If you dont want to spice your own taco meat or make your own salsa just check for added sugars. Aldis has a great fresh salsa that is keto friendly.

Cheese Taco Shells

Taco Seasoning

Fajitas- Another staple in my home are fajitas! Its easy to use for your non keto family, just watch your veggie portions. Onions and peppers can be high in carbs. I typically use almond or coconut flour tortillas for these. If you don’t want the seasoning on these just lemon juice, garlic powder and salt work as well. Sheet Pan Fajitas

Lasagna- Here comes lasagna with a noodle type thing. Most grocery stores are now carrying riced cauliflower so this is super simple. If you are afraid your family will hate it this freezes well in portions for later. Lasagna

Egg Roll in a Bowl- Sounds crazy but it is delicious!!! Egg Roll in a Bowl

Cauliflower Chowder- Fall is here which means soup in my book! This chowder is rich and creamy and perfect. Cauliflower Chowder

BBQ- When I first went keto I really missed BBQ sauce. That is until I found this recipe. It isn’t a strong vinegar sauce but has the tangy sweetness that I crave. BBQ Sauce

Pizza- Speaking of BBQ this pizza is awesome! The fathead pizza crust is my go to and I change up the toppings each time I make it. BBQ Pork Pizza

Pho- I love pho and ramen. They are my go to sick food and the only thing I buy miracle noodles for. Miracle noodles can be found online or at many grocery stores. They are a shirataki noodle that takes on the flavor of whatever it’s in. This recipe for pho is delicious and worth the effort but when sick I just take the noodles and put them into broth. Easy peasy. Vietnamese Pho

Butter Chicken- A simple Indian dish for the crockpot! Totally my cup of tea. You can adjust things to your taste such as using heavy whipping cream instead of coconut milk or using curry powder instead of each spice individually. It’s your meal so make it what you and your family will eat. Butter Chicken


*Note, I always suggest to wait until a few weeks in to introduce sweets. They can cause cravings for those who are going through sugar withdrawals.

Cheesecake- Who said desserts were only for the carb lovers? Cheesecake

Chocolate Cake- Ok so they call this a cake but to me it was more like a brownie. A really yummy brownie. Chocolate Almond Cake

Almond Cookies- These are such good cookies! Not too sweet and soft. Personally I only use Pyure as my sweetener for most of my baking including this recipe in particular. Almond Cookies

Chocolate Lava Cake- Pms cravings no more! This little cake hits the spot. Chocolate Lava Cake


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